Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Travel Tips -- Part Two

Today I have some fun things to print off if you are traveling
with children and need things to pass the time in the car.

License plate travel game @The Dating Divas

Look and Find game @ Ziggity Zoom

Here's some practical travel uses for everyday items you
may not have thought of:

Use a shower cap to pack your shoes to prevent other items
 in your suitcase from getting dirty.

Use a hard soap box to pack your camera
for your carry-on.

Use a vitamin holder for jewelry 
to hold spices if you are going to be

Thread the chain of your necklace through a
straw to prevent it from getting tangled. 
Cut it off if it is too long.

Ways to Memorize Your Trip Using Maps

 Map scrapbook @ Martha Stewart

Hand stitch your route and frame @
Martha Stewart

 Punch butterflies of places you have been and frame



  1. Oh, how I wish I had seen this post BEFORE our vacation! I found some travel BINGO sheets online before we left, but you have some REALLY good ideas here! Thanks for sharing...I'll remember some of these next time we travel!

  2. Judy,
    Thanks for your comment. You made my day!

  3. That straw and necklace idea is nothing sort of brilliant! And an easy one to teach our 8 year old granddaughter who has just gotten into jewelry and already having problems!

  4. Thanks for sharing this article, I will be looking forward to read more of your posts.

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