Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Blooms and Visitors in the Garden

There is new color in the garden along with what I have already shared
with you HERE.

I planted some new varieties of daylilies in 2008
and although they have not gotten big and bloomed profusely 
like the large orange ones I already have,
this one blooms every year--I think it is
the Bitsy--a 2002 winner. 
Due to wide zone adaptability, the Bitsy can be grown
just about anywhere. It is great combined with
ornamental grass.

I saw this spiky-flower long before I had a garden and 
always admired it because it makes such a bold statement.
I planted four of these in 2008, but the spikes are not as 
colorful this year. I will have to read up on them.
It is a Flamenco, or better known as a Red Hot Poker. 
They require full sun and get 18-24" tall.
The spikes do not last very long so you have to enjoy
them while they are there. 
Mine seem to bloom one after another so that is nice. 

We also have lots of hummingbirds and I managed
to snap one. See him there on the left?
The feeder is really active around dinner time.
Lots of diving bombing and noise!
They are fun to watch.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Hope your summer is going great.



  1. What a great shot getting that Hummingbird. Wanted to tell you to check your spam folder, I sent a response to your header question ;)

  2. If you can give me an alternate email, I can try contacting you that way. Thanks! Shannon


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