Thursday, June 7, 2012

Leather and Pearl Wrap Bracelet

There's a bundle of wrap bracelets floating around the craft blogs
and Etsy these days. When it became time to finally make my first one,
it seemed like I was not satisfied until I studied every video out there
and read all the tutorials. You know how it is--some make more sense to
you than others. Everyone learns differently.

I had several false starts and ripped out the threads a number of times
as I just wasn't satisfied until I had it looking just right. I'm pretty particular
that way.

I know it doesn't look like it, but this is a double-wrap bracelet.
(I have a small wrist.)
If I were making it for someone else,
I would make it larger.

I found THIS tutorial to be very helpful.
THIS also explained the process very well.
 HERE'S another I liked.
THIS tutorial probably helped the most.

Here's some problems I ran into and some tips that may help you:

1.  I used Fireline for my carrier thread and it tangled very easily.
I ran it through some beeswax and this helped enormously!

2. There are several ways to attach the carrier thread at the beginning.
Because I did not like the way the figure 8 looked,
I buried the thread in the knot tied under the loop and use Hypo-cement
to secure it, then tied it to one strand of the leather.
Someone also suggested using a crimp bead.

3.  I used a smaller pearl for my first two beads so that I could
get them up near the knot. If you don't, be careful not to push your
first beads too far up as to put a lot of strain on your cords.

4.  Don't skimp on your measurements. It is better to use too
much cord and thread than to run short.
The last tutorial I mentioned gives you some guidelines.

5. Using a magnifying light made a big difference.
It made for a much better bracelet!

I am definitely going to making some more. It was fun and the
second one shouldn't take me nearly as long now that
I have some of the kinks worked out.

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by.

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