Monday, May 21, 2012

Trying to Get Back on Track

Maybe I'm the only one who knows I've been missing in action. I fell
off the craft track for a few days there last week and I refuse to just throw
anything on my blog just for the sake of posting.

I've been experimenting with a few different ideas, trying to figure out
which crafts I'm going to pack up to take to our summer home. I always
panic at this time of the year, because invaribly I start a project during
the summer and need an item that I have forgotten to bring. I'm trying
to use up supplies, so I don't want to purchase more things unless absolutely
necessary. This is my last day to get organized--yikes!

I was getting ready to put this card in the mail but thought I'd show it
to you first. It is not all that special but the layout may be one you can
use if you make cards. I just eye-balled the placement of the circles,
using a ruler as my guide.

It is yet another way to use up your scraps.

The little birdie is from a free printable that I
found HERE.
There are some really pretty winter birds here.

I have to tell you a funny story.
Saturday night I was watching  my daughter's
best friend's little boys while Mom and Dad
went to dinner and a movie.
I knew it would be the last time a saw them in
a while.
Caleb, the three-year-old, noticed that my skin
"looked red."
He asked me why and I told him it was from
the sun because I had been out watering
the plants everyday while Don was gone.
He asked me why didn't I have sunscreen on?

A three-year-old!!

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