Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubliee

Did you watch the special last night on 20/20 about Queen Elizabeth
and her family? I must say I have a greater appreciation for her and a
better understanding of the monarchy.

The Diamond Jubilee takes place from Saturday 2 June 
to Tuesday 5 June in celebration of the Queen's 60 years on the throne.
The five days will be filled with numerous celebratory activities.
Check CNN and ABC for TV coverage.

This is the official emblem that was designed by a 10 year old girl.
(A stodgy old queen would never have allowed this! 
It shows she has a fun side!)

If you are planning a celebration of your own,
here's a Diamond Jubilee Party Pack that you
can download to enhance your tablescape!

Cupcake toppers, sour cream gift pouches, paper chain, Union flags @

I know I promised pictures of my flowers today. My camera died and I am waiting
 for my husband to bring up my camera charger. It's just one other thing I
forgot to pack. I guess I should learn how to use my phone camera. It's on
my "to do" list.

Oh, and if you're wanting some official Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee China
 for your celebration, you can purchase it HERE.

It's only $150 per plate. 
(It may not get there in time, though.)

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