Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Cards--Show Your Appreciation

I failed to give you freebies last Friday due to extenuating circumstances so here
are Mother's Day cards for you to to print and get in the mail pronto!

Every one of us has a special lady in our life who deserves a card this week,
even if she is not your mother.

3-D card @ Canon

You can customized this one!
Stuff Steph Does

You've got 12 choices here, so I hope you
can find something you can use.

Save yourself a little money and
print your own!

You can purchase an entire ream of cardstock
 at Walmart for just a few dollars.

Here's an idea---
 Use that money you saved and take
that special lady out to lunch and give her
that card in person!

Hope your week starts out in a wonderful way.

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