Friday, May 11, 2012

Keukenhof Gardens

Have you heard of it--The Keukenhof Gardens, in Lisse, Holland?

I had not until a good friend sent me these lovely pictures from there this week. 

The Keukenhof Gardens is the world's largest flower garden.
It was established on 15th century hunting grounds. The area also
provided herbs for Jacqueline, the Countess's castle kitchen.
Keukenhof means kitchen, and that's how the garden acquired
it's name when it was designed in 1949.

There are 4.5 million tulips in 100 varieties, some very ancient that
can hardly be found anymore.  Seven million new bulbs are planted
each year. 

   Along with tulips, there are crocus, anemones, and lilies.
The gardens are only open from late March until the middle of May,
attracting over 800,000 visitors each year. 

The idea behind the gardens was to present a flower exhibit
where flower growers from all over the Netherlands and Europe
could display threir beauties.
It would also help to promote the Dutch export industry,
as they are the world's largest flower exporter in the world.

And yes, there is a castle!

I had to take this picture from a website.

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Have a wonderful week-end.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures.
It was a little change of pace.


  1. Donna,

    I was just there with my husband! We planned our whole trip to Europe around the dates when the garden is open. (only from mid-March to mid May each year!)

    They were spectacular!


  2. I had the good fortune to visit these gardens when I lived in Germany. They are truly FABULOUS!


  3. So glad to hear from both of you ladies. I am sure you can attest to the fact that these pics do not do it justice!

  4. Those garden pictures are amazing! What a wonderful place to be able to see in person. :-)


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