Friday, April 13, 2012

A Book Review, Card and More

Hello Everyone--I just wanted to say that it is delightful to be receiving
comments from some you! It means so much to know that I have friends
out there who will take just a moment to type a few words--thank you ever
so much.

I have heard from a few people saying that they do not know how to leave
a comment--or have tried and the process is not user-friendly. Believe me,
it is not me, it is Goggle if there is a problem--it should be easy. It was suggested
that I put together a tutorial, so that is on my schedule.

The theme of today's post is based on my review of the book we just
read in my book club--
The Sea Captain's Wife, by Beth Powning. 

Set in the 1860's, the book is about a young woman, Azuba,
living in New Brunswick who marries a sea captain.
The sea calls to her as well, and she desires to take their daughter and
 live as a family at sea.
Although Nathaniel agrees at first, he changes his mind and leaves 
them at home, where Azuba struggles with intense loneliness in spite of her
 independent spirit.
Upon returning from a lengthy
voyage, Nathaniel hears of an unfortunate incident which leaves
him no other choice but to take Azuba and Carrie with him on his next trip.

Rough waters, terrible storms, illness, mutiny, starvation, strained relationships
and much more are all featured in this harrowing tale of life on the high seas. 

I highly recommend The Sea Captain's Wife--I found it to be a page-turner!  
The author's style of writing is clear and concise, and she has well-researched
her subject. Everyone gave it a Thumbs Up, which is unusual!

Here's my card to go along with my sea-faring theme...

I made this card to show you that you don't even need rubber stamps
to make a card. Both of these images were FREE DOWNLOADS
Paulette has freebies every day--then she retires them and adds
them to her shop.
So go to her site and scroll back through her posts to see
what you like and download them while they are free.

Freebie Friday
My freebies were chosen with Azuba in mind.

40 Ways to Entertain Your Child When You're Sick @

40 Ways to Show Your Child Love @

You Are in Charge of Your Own Happiness @

Printable wall art @

World map template @

Have a wonderful week-end!


  1. Another super card, Donna. I love your image and lovely quote:) i agree with you, it is nice when people take the time to visit and leave a kind word or two xx

  2. Another book you might enjoy is Katie Up and Down the Hall - easy read, true story about a cocker spaniel - like my special Alex.

    VERY attractive card!

    1. Thanks, Ginny, I always love a good recommendation. I just got a book from Amazon today that I hope is a good read. It's called Soldier Dogs--about the dogs used by the Navy Seals. I'll let you all know.


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