Sunday, March 4, 2012

A New Concept--Blog "Yard Sale"

Karen over at Sew Many Way is trying something unique on her blog. Yesterday she sold some of her quilting items on a virtual yard sale and it was a success! After all, aren't fellow crafters out there in blogland more apt to appreciate the value of these goods than the average yard sale junkie?

She's hoping to make it a weekly event. So today she started a Linky Party inviting the rest of us to link up our goods that need to find new homes also.

If you notice, I now have a For Sale tab added across the top which will direct you to a page where I will continue to add items. Check back often and let me know if you have any interest or questions!
My first item is a real steal!


  1. I've been a follower of your blog for awhile. Good stuff! This virtual yard sale is a great idea! Good luck with this sale. I'm tempted --- very tempted!

    1. Well, hi! It's good to hear from you and thank you so very much for the compliment! I love when bloggers help each other, and I really appreciate Karen hosting this party. She has so many followers so a lot of people stop by her blog on a regular basis. Give it a try. I'm heading over to say hello on your blog right now.


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