Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Easter Candy Soda--A Tutorial

Here's the materials you will need:
Glass or plastic container
Candy--jelly beans for inside, wrapped candy for top
Styrofoam ball that fits about half way down inside
Crinkly basket filler
Straight pins with round heads (to fasten candy)
Adornment for top
Metal skewer 
Hot glue gun
Scallop punch

1. Fill container about 3/4's full with jelly beans.
2. Wrap some basket filler under and around the styrofoam ball
and push it down into the container until it is tightly in place.
About half of it should be above the top edge.
3.  Start with long pieces of candy and make a row all the way
around the lower edge, fastening each piece with straight pins.
4. Coninue layering up the ball with more rows of candy, staggering
the pieces to fill in the gaps. 
5. Use the metal skewer to punch a hole in the styrofoam ball for the
placement of the straw.
6. When you get near the top, anchor the center embellishment.
I used a paper clip that I cut with wire cutters. 

7. Drizzle some hot glue to attach the basket filler.
8. Print  the"Happy Easter" topper--front and back 
HERE @ Skip to My Lou.
9. Punch them out with scallop punch.
10.  Attach to toothpick and insert into styrofoam ball.
11. Put a few jelly beans on the bunny's lap with hot glue.

Use as a fun gift or Easter decor!

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