Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Day Late

Hello Friends--This was a card I had planned for yesterday but a killer headache
rolled in before I could get it posted! So here it is today, along with my
Freebie Friday Printable--in fact, a whole website of printables!

The flower is from Stampin' Up's Uppsy Daisy's
stamp set, then glittered in parts.

I mounted it on black and white pin dot paper,
added a few embellishments and a die cut sentiment.  

The website I discovered has over 900 free printable papers!
Graph papers--quilting, isometric, hexagon, knitting, cartesian
Grids of all sizes
Dots galore
Lined--calligraphy, penmanship, legal, ledger, register, budgets
Score sheets--bowling, bunco, basketball, softball, tennis, volleyball
Notecards, postcards, specialty papers
Music sheets, score sheets
Teacher resources
Game sheets--Hangman, Tic Tac Toe, Battleship
and so much more!


  1. Super ard, Donna. I love your flittered flowers, papers and die cut sentiment:)

  2. Oops! Sorry For typo error, Donna. I meant to say super card! I'm on iPad and it's easily done:)

    1. Sasha, I understand completely. I still can't text one word correctly, let alone a whole sentence!


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