Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A (Totally Special) Card and a Personal Gripe

Usually when you see this sentiment--Totally Special--it's spelled "Toad-ly Special," accompanied by a frog. Although I do love cards that use puns, it's not the case on this card!

 It's an easy card to make--just three--1-3/4 inch squares with
 two rounded corners.
They are adhered to a pre-made DCWV card.
The fourth space is punched the same size and
the sentiment is stamped on the inside of the card.

Another punch, this time a flower punch from Stampin 'Up,
was used for the center piece.   
A little bling and a strip under the sentiment finished it off.
The strip really is even--it looks crooked because the card is open
for photographing purposes.

And now please indulge me for my personal gripe--
I don't do it too often!

Attention--If you work in an office where you give directions
to customers or patients who will be visiting there for the first time,
please listen up!

Yesterday I have to go see a specialist because my dentist's office
felt that the symptoms I was describing over the phone sounded
like I might need a root canal.
Oh joy, not what I wanted to hear!!!

They gave me a referral and fortunately I was able to see them in the afternoon.

I asked where their office was located since I had never been there.

She gave me the address.

I asked her the cross streets.

She gave me the cross streets.

I asked her to be more specific.
(Hello, there are four corners!!)

She gave me the cross streets again, reversing the order of the streets.

I asked her which corner.

She said the NW corner.

My tooth is hurting even worse after that ordeal!

So I drive to the appointment and fortunately am approaching this intersection
from the west.

Suddenly I see a large building with the address that she gave me.
It is NOT on the corner but before I reach the corner.
There is a shopping plaza on the NW corner!

Had I come from any other of the three direcctions I surely would have pulled into
the shopping plaza, as per her directions! 

So I do a quick left and pull into the parking lot of the correct building.

Now I notice that there is another large building direction behind this one
with the same address, building B.

I see no directory.

I drive around both buildings and see no names
on any of the windows.

I am fuming by this time.

I take a wild stab at it because I see a dental van parked in the front so
I chose Building A.

Turns out there are several dentists in this building,
including the one I am supposed to see.

I am sure I did not have a very "chair-ful" look
on my face when I walked through that door.
(Can I make that into a card?)

So, please, please, if you are giving directions, be specific!
The more information you can give, the more helpful it is.
Just because you drive there every day does not mean
the rest of use are familiar with the area.

If you want us to show up on time,
this information can make the difference.

And that's all I have to say.
My mouth hurts.

BTW--Diagnosis--No root canal needed!
(But my mouth still hurts.)

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