Sunday, January 8, 2012

This Is a Day of New Beginnings

This Is a Day of New Beginnings was our closing hymn at church this morning and an appropriate title for today's blog, being that I am begining my second year of blogging today!

January 8th,  2011--I took the big plunge and began blogging. I sure have had my ups and downs, but definitely more ups than downs! I have made a lot of projects that I would not have made otherwise, which was one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging. You know how it is--putting things off without a real deadline or anyone to be accountable to, especially when you are retired.

The biggest adrenalin rush has been knowing that there are other women out there who find my blog worthy of a few minutes of their time --my followers and subscribers, I can't thank you enough. I am always striving to increase those numbers.  It gives me validation, something we all need in one form or another. I feel like I have met some wonderful women that I would not have otherwise known.

Of course, I appreciate my other readers even though I don't know who you are.

And I can't forget to mention my projects that have been recognized this past year by other bloggers. What an honor that has been.

I would considered the following as: My Most Popular Posts of 2011

winner of an Etsy inspired cupcake challenge

Featured on Craft Gossip

How to Print on Ribbon
Featured on Craft Gossip

How to Make Strawberry Limoncello Shots
Most viewed recipe

Springtime Wishes
Card receivng most comments

Love Letters
Received kudos on Splitcoast Stampers

Baker's Twine: Finding a Practical Way to Store It
Best craft tip

Peeps in a Jar
Most viewed holiday craft


To celebrate my one year anniversary of blogging, I am giving away a
$25 Amazon gift card--
to be announced next Sunday, January 15.

You will have all week to leave a comment,
which will enter you in the drawing.

For each comment you leave, on any post,
starting today,
you will get an entry in the drawing.

If you leave a comment every day through Saturday, your name
will be entered
seven times in the drawing.

If you are an anonymous commenter,
please put your name in the comment
so I will know who you are!
I think that would be one without a google account.  

So here is today's quesstion?

What was one positive and new experience did you have in 2011
that stands out in your mind?
Redecorated a room, discovered a great recipe, read an inspiring book,
started a new job that you really love, took a much-needed vacation.  

It can be big or small--whatever pops into your mind as being fun or satisfying. 


  1. I think the one thing that comes to mind is when I almost thought I was drowning..nothing to do with crafting but son has a inground pool and I must have slipped and under I went and there I was, mouth full of water and thinking I am crying Help!!! lol

  2. This year I became tougher in my job. I dispatch for a trucking company, work with a whole bunch of guys, so I get stepped on for being a woman in a man's world but I'm growing up and standing up for myself, not letting myself get pushed around near as much as I used to and that's a great accomplishment for me

  3. Char,
    It must have been a frightening feeling. I hope that never happens to you again. The main thing is to stay calm and head for the side!


  4. Hez,
    Good for you. Make them stand up and take notice. You deserve to be treated with respect. Without you, the company would no doubt be chaotic.


  5. Well, I think that in 2011 I had several realizations - first that I really would like to stick to my diet regiment and loose those unwanted pounds, and next I have determined to go back to school and get a music education degree. So this year I'm devoting to fulfill my dreams.

  6. My new move in 2011 was to quit fighting with the CPAP and just accept it, warts and all. A TV program on apnea and CPAP gave me validation that the gadgets are not all that much fun, but that they are necessary WHATEVER IT TAKES. That has become my mantra, then, "whatever it takes".

  7. For me the last week of the year was the best - I spent 12 hours in a car with my son (while 2 beautiful grandsons slept soundly in the backseat!) driving for an extended family vacation. 4 generations from 2 to 82. But the drive time - alone with my son just talking - was wonderful for me.
    And, after a week together, even though he lives just 10 minutes away - he has called me everyday to just talk!

  8. Maria--Those sound like two wonderful goals. Best of luck in fulfilling them. Keep us posted.
    wannadanc--If it improves your quality of life--good for you. I love mantras. They can be very strong healers.
    Pat--That quality time must have meant a lot to your son too. He will never forget it either.


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