Friday, January 27, 2012

I (Heart) You

I cannot take credit for this idea.
 I saw it somewhere,
liked it, and shamelessly "re-created" it
with a few modifications.   

It is a Cuttlebug folder--I cut off the bottom two rows and
layered it on red. 

The stamp is Michael's--from a few years ago.  
I added a border folder along the bottom--
love those things.
Sometimes it's just what you need to finish off a card.

The red heart is popped up and
 covered in transparent glitter.

Freebie Friday

Cute Valentines @ Create

8 x 10 frameable in 6 color options@ Flamingo Toes
(What a great gift!)

Cupcake wrappers and toppers, tic-tac-toe game, and more

2-sided postcard @ The Pretty Blog

Thanks to these ladies for generously sharing their creations! 

Crystal Arcand--I need a message from you. I don't see that you have
contacted me via Facebook. 
Please let me know if I have missed something.  Thanks.


  1. Oh This is Really Pretty Miss Donna! Love the embossing and the sweet sparkly heart! 8-)


    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! So Good to hear from you. Hope you have been doing Wonderfully! 8-)

  2. I followed the link to your Facebook in the sidebar and sent you a message and a friend request. :D I'm Crystal Tennison Arcand on Facebook.

    1. Crystal,
      Left you a message on your Facebook page. So glad you visited me today!


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