Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Giveaway Winner is....


I used to chose the winner and, Crystal, you're the one!
You will have through Tuesday to notify me with your address so that I can
send you your $25 Amazon Gift Card.  
My email is
I hope that you are not emailing
from a gmail account because for some
reason I do not receive them!
If you do have a gmail account, let me know on my blog
and we will make other arrangements.

No crafts today--I need a break from blogging seven days straight!

Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends.

"If you want an accounting of
your worth, count your friends."
--Merry Browne


  1. Imagine my surprise to open my e-mail and see *my* name in the giveaway winner post! I do have a gmail address, so I've sent you a message on Facebook with my address. Thank you so very much!

    Enjoy your break from blogging - I look forward to seeing more neat cards soon!

    1. Crystal,
      I tried finding you on facebook but there are several with your name. I am donna.huisinga if you want to go to my personal page and send me a message.

  2. Crystal, I'll look for you on Facebook! Congrats.


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