Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Collection of Boxes for Sinful Sweets

Giving a gift in a pretty box can be almost as special as the gift itself.
I love having them on hand for that last-minute gift occasion.

  In this collection, the one in the back was made out of two pieces of
12 x 12 inch card stock-weight scrapbook paper.

This is what the inside looks like so you can get a better idea.

It is actually an easy origami box and requires no adhesive or cutting.
The main thing to remember is that you can start with any size squares--
just make the bottom 1/2 inch smaller.
My squares were 12 x 12 for the top and 11-1/2 x 11-1/2 for the bottom.

It looks nice with a piece of tissue paper in it, don't you think?
This is a piece of Martha Stewart's.

I can just visualize it filled with candy or cookies
for a Valentine's gift.
You can find the instructions for making this
Origami Box HERE.

The hydrangea rose pillow box is a free printable template
that you can find  HERE.
(Tip--Just print page 1)

The pillow box opens at each end by scoring
on the curved lines and gently pushing them in.
****Note--I did add a 1/4 inch margin to one of the long sides
 so that there was a way to attach the two sides
when it was folded in half.****

The third box is a simple cube box that measures

1-1/4 inch  x  1-1/4  x  1-1/4.
It is also a free printable template
that you can find HERE.

Tip: When you need a fine-line scoreline, use the back side of your Exacto knife.
That is what I used on these two templates and it worked like a charm.

Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway

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If you are not already a follower,
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Here is today's question:

Do you remember any special gift you received as a child
or one that you gave to someone else? 


  1. These are great! Thanks Donna.

    I'm making those definitely, after I come back from my trip to Ukraine.

  2. I handknit a dress for my sister shortly after she found out that the adoption was going to be final for her now 8 yr old daughter. They brought my niece home when she was just a bit over a yr. My sister had been through treatment for stage 4 cancer and they had wanted a child and this is how they became a family. She wore the dress to my nieces baptism of which I am her godmother.


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