Friday, December 30, 2011

What Have You Been Reading?

Perhaps you haven't had time to sit down with a good book, but maybe you will again soon, now that the holidays are almost over.

In December, my book club always selects a light read--one that is not too long or requires a lot of deep concentration. This year we read Once Upon a Town, by Bob Greene.

This is the story of the small town of North Platte, Nebraska and a community
of 12,000 people who generously opened up their hearts for 6 millions servicemen
passing through on troop trains from Christmas Day 1941
until the end of World War II.

Turning their modest train depot into the North Platte Canteen, they offered
these soldiers support and encouragement who were en route to places unknown
 in Europe and the Pacific.

The trains, up to 32 a day, from 5 A.M. until midnight, were allowed to
 stop for 10-20 minutes.
The soldiers, rushing to the Canteen, enjoyed magazines, coffee,
 homemade pies,cakes, fried chicken, hard-boiled eggs, music, motherly hugs,
and conversation from local volunteers, who staffed and funded this effort with
 the assistance of surrounding areas and donations.
No federal or state funds were used.

Bob Greene went to North Platte to interview remaining volunteers and
soliders who had once passed through on these trains, some of which who
had met theirspouses from this experience.
Being a newspaper journalist, Greene also found old documents
and transcripts which further aided in telling his story.  

The book is filled with heartwarming vignettes of a nostalgic piece of
 American history.
It changed peoples' lives forever--those that were served as well as
 those who served.
There was no other town like it in the United States.

If it sounds like I enjoyed this book....I did!
Very inspiring!

New on My Nightstand


And for January 2012 Book Club--Finding My Voice by Diane Rehm  
Has anyone read it?

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