Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Version of An Advent Calendar

There are two special little boys in my life, ages 5 and 3. I wanted to make some sort of advent calendar for them this year, but I knew it was useless to spend a lot of time making cute little boxes or other type of containers to hold the presents. After all, they are boys and just want to get to what's inside! Besides that, I needed something that was big enough to hold two items, since I was trying to keep the number down to 25, not 50! So I decided to use brown lunch bags and number them.

This  was an experiment--I did not really how the idea was going to be received!

I told Polly and Eric (mom and dad) that I didn't think they were going to hate me
too badly when it was all over--there was only chocolate in two bags and one
that made a lot of noise (kazoos). And Eric was only going to help in
the construction of one toy for each of the boys.
He will probably have more fun than they will
as he's pretty much of a big kid himself!

Here is the Hershey chocolate bar that looks like a Santa coat--

So on the night of December 1st I took them over to their house and explained
the "concept" the best that I could. They seemed to understand it, and they got to
open their first bag. They each got a little stocking with their initial on it
(Target $ bin) and 4 gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins.

Polly said they each could have one, but Caleb had already taken off
to hide his in his room! Elias, the 5-year old was very sweet and asked
me if I wanted one, which made mom very proud!

So based on the number of hugs and thank yous I received, I think they liked it.  
The dollar bins at Michael's helped out a lot with finding the little gifts,
so it really wasn't a whole lot of work either.

When I  had called Polly to tell her of my idea,
 she wanted to know if she was
going to have to do it next year if  the boys liked it. 
I told her that it would become
a tradition that I would be happy to continue. 


  1. We LOVE them! They boys can't wait to open the bags each night. It's also a great help for our nightly routines. "Let's get in the bath and in our jammies, so we can open our next bag!".
    This morning, Elias and I were talking about the gifts so far. My personal favorite is the light up noses, that make them look like Rudolph. Elias disagreed. He liked the stockings with their initials and chocolate inside.
    We are so thankful to have you in our lives. Thanks for starting a new Christmas tradition in our family.
    We love you,
    Polly, Eric, Elias, and Caleb

  2. This is a beautiful idea, I like the concept of paper bags for children...just rip it open and go for what's inside. This sounds like a tradition to me!


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