Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Napkin Folding--Adding a LIttle Extra to Your Table

Today my wish for you is:

Suggestion: Save as, re-size, print, frame and give it as a hostess gift tomorrow!  

I have an easy napkin folding technique that you might want to use on your table tomorrow.

It is so pretty! 

Napkin Folding 101--The Rose 

Step 1

 With a square napkin, fold all four corners to the middle.
(The squarer the napkin, the easier this is.
Mine is a little off but not to worry.)

Step 2

Repeat step 1, folding all four corners to the middle again.

Step 3

Turn the napkin over, and repeat step 1, folding all four corners to
the middle again.

Step 4

Reach underneath the 4 corners, and pull out the "petal."

This is what it will look like when you have done step 4.

Step 5

Reach underneath between the petals, and there is another petal
that you can pull out.


Be creative with what you put in the middle.

Perhaps a place card or salad plate.

What ideas can you come up with?
There's lots of possibilities for Christmas, but we'll talk about that
once Thanksgiving is celebrated.
I believe that Thanksgiving deserves its full recognition first
before we jump into that!

Hope you enjoyed learning The Rose Napkin Folding Technique.
If so, I learned others on our cruise that I'd be happy to show up!

Have a wonderful day with family and/or friends.

If you are traveling, please be safe.

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