Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkins on a Post

It's about time that I posted something for Halloween. I have to confess--I made this many moons ago but I still like it and put it out every year. Some crafts get out-dated, but I think this is still a fresh and creative idea, and not one I have seen on every other craft blog. So maybe you would like to make one too.

I have to admit, those pumpkins are starting to look a little tattered,
so next year I will jazz it up with some embellishments, but no time today.

You get the idea though--go crazy with yours!

Supplies: cedar plank from Home Depot, black paint, wire, screws,
                 ribbon, fabric, glue, felt, silk leaves, pinecone, raffia

Pumpkin Collections a la Martha Stewart


  1. I love your pumpkins. They are SO cute.

  2. Love your Fun Pumpkins Miss Donna! What Great Halloween crafting idea! Just might have to try this out! 8-) Just wanted to pop in and say Hi! and see what you have been up too!

    Hope you have a Fabulous weekend! 8-)


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