Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to Print on Ribbon

Last edited: March, 2013

This technique has received a lot of interest since I showed you this
Christmas ornament where I printed on the ribbon. So today I am going
to share with you the step-by-step tutorial on creating your own printed

This is a second ornament that I did.

 Using Microsoft Word or another program, on landscape layout,
choose a fontand print what you want on the ribbon.
Make sure the font is an appropriate size and
 not too elaborate. 


 Put double stick tape along the back of the ribbon.
I used grosgain ribbon.

Edited: Someone wrote that their printing blurred.
I thought it might happen with satin ribbon.

Satin ribbon may be more apt to slip around also.

Take off the protected back of the sticky tape.
Get down close to the ribbon and carefully lay this sticky side down over
the print on the paper. 
lining it up in the center.
Make sure both ends are stuck down well,
so that the ribbon does not jam the machine.

Now you are going to put the paper back into the printer 
in exactly the same place as the first time! 
To do this, I butted mine 
up along the right edge of the tray both times. 
It may take a little practice.
I also marked the paper to make sure I had the right side, 
right end going in first.

If you put it in corrctly, the print should end
up on the ribbon as it goes though the printer.

Please let me know if you have any questions on
how to print on ribbon. Using this technique, you
can create printed ribbon for any occasion.
You can email me at
I will be happy to help if I can..

Click on my Linky Parties to see where I'll be going with this tutorial.  


  1. I have got to do this for my daughters baby shower

  2. oh thank you for sharing

  3. If the double stick tape picks up the ink and transfers it to the ribbon, does the ribbon not get sticky from the double stick tape?

    1. The ink is not on tape. The tape is used to hold down the ribbon so it does not move when you put it back through the printer the second time. Here's how: After you print on the paper, put the tape on the BACK of the ribbon and carefully lay it down over the printing. The paper has to be aligned exactly the same both times it goes through the printer in order for the printing to land on the ribbon. Once you do that, take off the tape from the back. It comes off without any problem. I hope that clears up your question. If not, please let me know.

  4. This looks great but I would do more than one ribbon at a time.

  5. What kind of printer is this? I'd be afraid the ribbon would jam up the insides...

  6. Why is my ink blurring this is awesome but I can't get a clear print like yours thanks so much

  7. Holly, I do not find an email address to answer you personally so I will leave my comment here in hopes that you will check back.

    I am wondering if the type of ribbon is making the ink run.
    I have only used grosgrain and never had a problem. Satin ribbon may be a problem, I would think.
    My printer is an inkjet. Hope this helps. Let me know.

  8. I think this is a wonderful tutorial and will help me make my labels for my refashions! Thank you!

    Check out my blog



  9. Anyone tried this on a laserjet printer? I am curious about whether it would work and whether it would be more permanent? I would hate to ruin our heavy-duty office printer, but I like to make things accident-proof aka waterproof whenever possible.

  10. Laser or ink jet. That may be the difference with the blurring.

  11. I have only tried it with an ink jet printer. It is important to be able to guide the ribbon through with a lot of control and I don't know if you can do that with a laser. To waterproof, you might try scotchgarding after printing. I have never had a problem with blurring or fading.

  12. Super idea! Thanks so much for sharing!


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