Friday, September 9, 2011

Unusual Week

This has been an usual and special week at our house. Both of our grown and married children have been here and we have shared special moments. Their spouses did not accompany them due to other commitments so it has just been the four of us for the first time in a very long time. We watched home movies that I had transferred onto a DVD. They saw themselves as babies and toddlers, as well as a grandmother and aunt whom they never had the pleasure of knowing.

I hope you will understand my absence on the blog, but I will have some good recipes to share with you that we made this week, along with a tutorial for lavender-scented salve that my daughter and I made yesterday.

  Book review

The Paris Wife is a historical fiction about the life of Hadley Richardson, 
Ernest Hemingway's first wife, written in her voice, and the seven chaotic years
of their marriage. It takes place in Paris in the 1920's, when Ernest was just
starting out as a struggling writer and partying with such people as Gertrude Stein
and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Hadley is an interesting character who remains 
supportive while trying to find her own self-worth and identity as her
egotistical husband rises to fame.  

The other members of my book club enjoyed the book and I did slso.
It would be one that I would recommend to you.

Freebie Friday
In keeping with the theme of The Paris Wife:

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