Monday, September 12, 2011

Most Popular Pin

Good Monday afternoon. Our company has left and I am trying to recover from all of the activities! Also washing sheets, towels and getting ready for the next round of guests who will be arriving in 10 days. I think that will be the last of them for this summer. It has been a busy one to say the least!

I haven't been making as many cards as usual by relying on my stash to get me through the summer. That's a good thing in that I am using them up but it means I haven't had as many things to show you. I have also takien up beading which I said I WASN''T going to do. But there is a new bead store in town and they have be offering free classes or just charging $5 so it is difficult not to take advantage of that before I go back to my other home in a few weeks.

I have also been spending way too much time on Pinterest! Have you too? It is so fun to see what others are repinning from my pin boards. You are notified by email, if you wish, everytime someone likes a pin, repins a pin, or starts to follow you.

I thought I would show you what the most popular repin of mine has been. It is surprising because it was just an image that I found interesting and beautiful and pinned it to my pin board named YOU COLOR MY WORLD. It has been repinned 35 times ( and 4 likes.)

I have found some wonderful tutorials, party ideas, recipes, projects,
hoousehold tips and tricks, new gadgets, garden ideas, and so much more
via of Pinterest. 
So if you haven't checked it out yet,
There's going to come a day when I'll actually get to some of these great projects! 

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