Friday, August 12, 2011

A Kitchen Tip

This is a kitchen tip that I used just the other day and have been meaning to share. If you don't know about it, it is worth remembering

Do you ever want to re-use a bottle or jar and have difficulty getting off the sticky residue from the label? If so, peanut butter works better than any other product that I have ever tried!

    Any kind will work--just smear it on and leave for a few hours. Scrub it off--it may take a little elbow grease. Sometimes I even have to leave it on overnight, but it works!

Now it's ready to re-use for a homemade product such as salad dressing 
or herb vinegar!
Don't you just love recycling?
It just makes you feel so good!

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"Accept what people offer,
Drink their milkshakes,
Take their love."
--Wally Lamb


  1. I love this! Kitchen tips are always useful for me. This sounds like a great idea and will try it out!

  2. Wow - your pins are amazing -- I got a ton of information and good stuff! Thanks so much~

  3. I tried the peanut butter to remove a stubborn sticker and it worked! I will be sure to share this great tip
    Thank You


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