Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mah Jongg Marathon--Day Three----Already!

The first two days of Mah Jongg Marathon were a great success. There were eight women here the first day and seven yesterday--one had to cancel at the last minute because her dog was not doing well that morning.

Since my group from out-of-town is not used to played for money, and my other group does, I devised a system of playing with chips to hit a happy medium and add some interest to the game. I thought this up in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and refined it over the last ten days or so. Here's how it worked:

  • Everyone puts in a dollar at the beginning of each day they are here. That money goes into a cumulative pot. 
  • Everyone puts their name into a basket each day they are here. 
  • Everyone is given $4.00 in free chips. The blue and black chips = 25 cents (didn't have enough of either color), green chips=10 cents, red chips=5 cents. I made a sheet for each table to refer to. 
  • IF a player lost all her chips, she can buy more chips IF she wants to--not mandatory. IF she buys chips, the money will go into the cumulative pot and she puts her name into the basket again. (Idea: increasing her odds to win back her own money)
  • At the end of each day, who ever has the most "money" in chips wins the daily prize, which is a $20 gift card to (It was very easy to purchase and print these online).
  • We are keeping track of wins with concealed hands just in case there is a tie, which is not the case thus far. I am going to give a prize for the most number of wins with concealed hands (overall) at the end of today.
  • At the end of today, one random name will be chosen out of the basket and she will win all the money in the cumulative pot. If no one has to buy chips today, there should be $27. No one has run out of chips the first two days.
One difference today though--There will be 12 ladies, and I have decided to give each of them $3.00 of free chips, instead of $4.00!

It will be interesting to see if anyone has to buy chips--and chooses to so, or to just play without them and then not be eligible for the daily prize!

I'll keep you posted!

The games begin in an hour. I'd better get dressed!

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