Friday, July 8, 2011

Color Blocking

Don't ask me where this week has gone--I won't bore you with details. I'm trying not to feel guilty for just having too many obstacles to spend much time at the computer. I know  you've been there and understand.

My mojo has left me also so I haven't really had anything to share with you!  Sounds like I'm in a funk, right? I did see two cute color blocking cards this week and thought that I'd give it a try--one-layer style. With the help of the larger size post-it notes, it is a fun technique.

Using a T-square was a help in keeping everything aligned. After I drew my square lightly with a pencil, I stamped my sentiment, then masked the four edges with post-it-notes. I purposely wanted a blotched effect, and accomplished that with sponge daubers. Each section was isolated from the other two with a post-it note. Once the inside was done, I stamped the flower, then went back over the outline with a black micro-pen and added some rhinestones. 

FREEBIE FRIDAY--A day of free printables

Customize Craft Labels for your personal use   
by Creative Mama

Having a summer ice cream social?
by Indie Spotting. com

Have a wonderful day!

"Nobody sees a flower--really--
it is so small it takes time--
we haven't time--and to see takes time,
like to have a friend takes time."
--Georgia O'Keefe

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