Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mah Jongg Chatter

I haven't talked Mahjongg in a while and I know some of you play. If you don't, please bear with me. I won't do this all that often! A girl can't craft all the time!

I played with the Wednesday summer ladies yesterday for the first time. It was a large group--four tables. It wasn't my day as my only "winnings" was the wall money. I was one away a few times, but of course that means nothing.

In one hand, I was doing the 5-9 consecutives in Craks. I had the 6's, 8's, and the pair of 9's. I needed 2-7's, and 1-5. But--I had 2 jokers! So I picked up a discarded 7 Crak and used the 2 jokers to complete the kong. Normally I don't like to use 2 jokers at a time, especially when the other 2-7's were not dead. But now I was set, needing only the 5 Crak for Mahj (one had already been discarded.)

Well, sure enough--N on my left got both of my jokers by drawing the remaining two 7 Craks in succession and declared Mahjongg! Unfortunately for her, it was a bad Mahj, so the game went on. I still had a chance!

However--P across from me beat me to it on her very next draw. Dang! 

Congrats to R for ending the afternoon on her Quints hand 12232222222222--self-picked!
Note: Read the parenthentical closely--Quints can be ANY no. in Run that is paired--does not have to be middle no.

It was a good time in spite of it all. The company couldn't have been any better. After all, isn't that a huge part of why we play?

 Two great mahjongg blogs you should check out:
 Mah Jongg Drs.
 Mahjongg Blog -- Thanks to Linda Fisher for her printable Mahjongg rules!!


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  2. Hi Donna,

    Great to hear about your MJ game!
    Doesn't it happen that way...always a bridesmaid, never a bride!

    Hate it when I'm one away from a BIG hand....and someone declares first. But you're right. That's why we play. For the excitement of the game!

    Thanks for the shout out about our Mah Jongg Doctors blog!

    One of the MJ Drs.


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