Friday, June 3, 2011

Kraft Label Birthday Celebrations

Sort of a strange title for a post, don't you think?  But there is a reason for it so let me explain.

I recently received the new issue of Card Creations, Volume 9 and used Latisha Yoast's Green Label Thinking of You card on page 153 as my inspiration for our son's birthday card. Here's her card:

This picture does not do it justice.    

 Here is the evolution of my card:

Can you believe that with 11 colors of Baker's twine I could not find one that looked good with this paper? Even jute was the wrong color as the tan in this paper has green undertones. So copper was the best I could do but I am not thrilled. The back side of the button actually went better with the paper than the right side! I wanted to use white ink for the faux stitching but all my gel pens were dried out. 

Had I planned my papers, inks, and embellishments before I began to put the card together it would have turned out quite differently--and better. LESSON LEARNED!

Tip: Plan all of the elements of your card before you begin to put it together.

Freebie Friday:

Bottle Neck Ties for Father's Day--
This one says " Thanks for cooking meals whenever Mom's not around. 
I know how good you are with the microwave. I love you Dad!

Put over Dad's favorite drink--beer, Pepsi, root beer.
(I found this bottle at Big Lots).

You can print this tie and 2 more HERE. 

Make up your own saying if you don't care for these!   

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