Monday, June 6, 2011

It's In the Bag

Bag? Do you see a bag?

I made this card by using a bag from a purchase that I made at a local jewelry store.  I thought it was just too pretty to throw away. I colored the rose, trimmed off the advertising, and turned it into a simple card with some lace and half pearls. I think it will be perfect for an anniversary.

You just never know when and where you will find something that can be recycled
into a papercrafting project.
Keep your eyes and mind open for ideas and show creativity.

It might turn out to be your best work of art!

Have a wonderful day.


  1. Beautiful card and great job of recycling!

  2. I love your card and the fact that you saved it instead of throwing it away. So glad I saw it at Blue Cricket's party!


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