Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Finally Learned...Part Two

I fiinally learned to keep some photos of extra cards I have not posted in
My Pictures in case of emergency!

Like today! I forgot the cord that connects my camera to the computer
at my summer home where I was over the week-end so I cannot transfer
the photo of the card I made to this computer. I even had the cord laid out
last night but it was not in my bag just now when I went to get it.
Senior moment! I hate when that happens!

So instead...I am asking you this question, my friends!
 Have you ever stamped on twill tape?

You can use it in lieu of ribbon and it can be a place for your sentiment too.
This is a chipboard photo from my stash edged with
 a Krylon goldleaf pen.
Buttons from my stash continue the vintage feel..

Like I said last week...It helps to be flexible... 

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