Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Fetish for Card Sets

It seems that I make a lot of card sets, but it is a fun gift which anyone who writes notes or sends cards can use. I made this set for my friend who I visited last week.

These are the tiles used to play the game of mah jongg.
I taught Karen how to play a few years ago, and in turn she has
taught some of her friends. Of course, that was part of the week's
scheduled activities!

Red, green, and blue are the three significant colors of the game,
 so I made two cards of each.

I began by printing her name in Microsoft Word
and added a score line above it with the Scor-pal.

Stamp by River City Rubber Works.

I am finishing up the packaging for the Basic Grey card set and
 will be showing you the rest of that soon. 

"The best vitamin for
making friends--B1."

1 comment:

  1. These are lovely notecards! Your friend will love sending them out, and they're sure to get her some "Where did you get these?!" comments!


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