Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You Can Always Count on Hero Arts

Hello My Friends,

I have been meaning to bring you up to date on a few things. Last week I made an angel pie with a meringue crust and told you I would let you know how it turned out. Not a keeper in case you were wondering.

Also, I edited the Ruffled Ribbon Tutorial with a tip printed in red that is worthy of a read.

I have been cleaning my craft room, hoping I would spend more time crafting and less time on the computer looking at all the creative projects that other people have made. I need to get focused! I will never have time to make all the cute things that I have bookmarked now, but I need to get started somewhere. Hopefully some organization will help.

I ran across this poem that goes back to 2004. I don't know if Zoe Dougherty wrote it, but it seems that she was the first one known to have sent it, so she is given credit as the author. The idea is to not sign the inside of the card so that the recipient can use it to send on to someone else.

Include this poem on a loose piece of paper inside:

I didn't sign this card
Before I sent it off to you...
Instead it holds my warmest thoughts,
Invisible but true.
And if you find a time you need
To brighten someone's day...
Then take this card and sign it
And send it on its way.
--Zoe Dougherty

I typed up several copies of it on the computer so that I have them when the occasion arises. There is room on the paper for my own handwritten greeting and hopefully I have brighten someone's day too.

This is a pretty straight-forward card. I cannot take credit for the tree idea partially stamped off of the page. 
Susan from Simplicity made a similar card quite some time ago and I liked the look.  

Studying other blogs, card galleries, and magazines is a great way to find inspiration for those of us who need a little, or a lot of help!  

The Hero Arts Clear Stamp Set used can be found HERE.
I believe Michaels had it at one time but that was last year.

Markers were used for coloring
and a simple ribbon embellishment was added.

I made this card in several color combinations and one was
 just as pretty as the other.

An easy card that went together quickly.
You can always count on Hero Arts.


  1. LOVE this card Donn! Wonderful image and it's colored to perfection. Love that CAS look too!
    I did re-check the ribbon tutorial - and that's a great hint about putting a line of glue down too. I still haven't tried this ribbon technique yet but will put the glue down too now.
    I also have to tell you....I checked out the stamps from Judith site - and WOW!!! I'm already getting up an order! They're just all so cute...thanks for that info!

  2. I recognize some of this paper from times when I was actively carding. Your cards are sooo.... interesting and cute ! I loved your simple tree cards. Thank you for editing adhesive device for the ribbon looped tutorial. Definitely worth noting. Loved the arrival of Mah jongg card a couple of days ago !! You have inspired me to get to work !!

  3. Again, i totally agree with your opinion here. Your card is the perfect "last minute need a card" card. I have signed up for email (thank you for THAT! I love this tool the best!) because, well we have agreed 2 for 2 -- lol


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