Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Good Morning!

I did not think I would have time to get off a post today since this is the one Wednesday out of the month that is crazy for me. I am due at book club in an hour and a half and then I go straight to teaching mah jongg this afternoon.

But...of course I always have time to check my emails and I found a surprise waitng for me there today that I just had to share with you!

My ruffled ribbon tutorial is being featured today on Craft Gossip which is a fantastic website! It is filled with awesome craft ideas of all types. and giveaways too. I am so honored that Heather Holbrook found my tutorial worthy of using. She gets thousands of ideas sent to her! I did it on a whim. Please check out this website. You'll be glad I let you in on it and might even want to become a subscriber.

Sorry, I have to run. Have a great day.


  "Friendships begin because,
even without words,
we understand how someone feels."
--Joan Walsh Anglund

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