Saturday, April 2, 2011

SATurday Show And Tell

Today is the first Saturday of the month and that means it's time for me to tell you about a product that I really like to use. These are my two favorite cleaning products:

Bar Keepers Friend is truly my friend when it comes to cleaning my kitchen sinks. It does a great job on both stainless steel and porcelain. If I ever got another kitchen sink, I would chose a black man-made product, but I have to live with what I have, so in order to keep them clean, I use BKF. I love my triple sinks, by the way, as I  keep a dish rack out all the time and rationalize I can do so if it's not on the counter. 

The label says it also cleans grout, tile, rust, plastic, ceramic cookware, chrome fixtures, stove tops, glass-ceramic cooktops, fiberglass, metal, tea cups, white sidewalls, copper and brass.

Basically, it says it works in the kitchen, bathroom and for removing general discoloration throughout the household on just about any surface. I'll have to use it more often! 


Mr. Clean Magic Erasers truly are magic! I don't know what they are made of, but they remove marks, grime, and built-up dirt that nothing else will touch! I have used them on my car, tile, bathtub, shower walls and glass shower doors. You will be amazed. I have recommended them to friends and they have come back and thanked me! No matter what it is, if nothing else works, try a Magic Eraser. My only compaint is that they don't last very long, but because they work SO well, I am willing to spend the money on them. Target and Scotch Brite have their brands also which you may want to compare, but I usually stick with the original. I bought this package of four for $4.99.

EDITED--Karen left a comment on a later post and said that she purchases the Magic Erasers in bulk at Sam's Club. She cuts them in half so that they last longer. Thanks, Karen, for the great tips!!

I was reading some of my favorite blogs this morning, and was touched by a request that I plan to fulfill today. If you would be interested in sending a card to someone in need, you can read about it here.

"May the hinges of friendship
never grow rusty."


  1. Loved reading your blog this morning! Got hear from "Simplicity". I adore Susan's cards!
    I wanted to chime in on the Mr.Clean magic sponges. I have been using them since they were introduced- love them! We buy bulk packs at Sam's Club to save $$. But.... I cut them in half. Since they wear away quickly, cutting them really makes the box last longer. My other fave cleaning product is Simple Green Heavy Duty BBQ and Grill Cleaner. It's an aerosol can that lasts a long time. Great for your stove top, but especially for frying and baking pans. After you plate your food, give a spritz to the pan. By the time you are done eating, the pans will wash up without scrubbing at all. Low, low odor-hardly any at all. I have used it on my pannini grill and counter tops too. It is a fab degreaser/cleaner. You won't be disappointed!!

  2. Great tips! Thanks. I will try the Simple Green and give you credit for that idea!


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