Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mah Jongg Chatter

I have a card to show you but I think I will save it for tomorrow since it is getting late.

However, It is never too late for a little mah jongg chatter and I have been promising that for two weeks now...

We've been playing with the 2011 card for about a month now and everyone seems to be enjoying it so far.

I'm seeing what I call the "fall back hand" being played quite often,
and I've done it myself more than once or twice. 
You know the one--FFFF11112222DD

I call it the "fall back hand" because it seems as if this is a good alternate if you are long in one suit but can't fill it in, start drawing flowers, and have been able to save the matching dragons just in case they are needed,
or draw them too.

Another favorite from last year's card is the Like Numbers hand--
this time printed correctly.

We've already had one mah jongg on a Pairs hand--third one down. Funny thing is I was working on one myself in the very same game and not far away from getting it. Not an easy feat when you can't use any jokers. Sometimes we go all year without seeing a win in this section. 
 Congratulations Pam!

The 2468 section seems to be more playable this year
 and we're all happy about that.

If you're looking for a mah jongg set, I turned two ladies on to
They both ordered a set complete with pushers and reported they were very happy with their purchases.
Invest in the pushers--they're worth it!

Happy clicking!!


  1. My go to hand is the 2011 Winds hand. It is a closed hand but it is very playable. It pays 35 cents too. I am absolutely addicted to the online version of the game offered through the National MahJongg League and Sigma Software. I can always find a game and it is very worth $40 a year. I also love www.wherethe for all things MahJongg including unique tile sets.

  2. Hi Donna,

    I just found your blog through Linda Fisher's Mahj Blog. I have a Mah Jongg blog, too...but am hard pressed to find any others. I know there are hoards of new players out there...maybe they don't 'blog'

    I loved your MJ posts and the rest of your blog, too.

    If you know of any other MJ bloggers, let me know.


  3. PS...I love the 2011 card, just as I have loved all of the other before it. Just can't get enough MJ!


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