Monday, April 11, 2011

Leaping Into Action with a Thank You

So when Don appeared at the doorway of my stamp room last night I wondered what was up. He said that he wanted to send a thank you card to a friend who had taken him to play golf for his birthday on Thursday. He had some freebie cards that he could use that had been sent to him--probably because he had given to some charity--unless I had one of my handmade cards that he could have. I asked to see the freebies so he brought them to me. Well--they were totally unacceptable--pucky flowers and butterlies! There was no way they were going out of the house! I said, "Don, these are way too feminine. You can't send these flowers and butterflies!." And he said, "What's wrong with flowers and butterflies? I like them.."  He just doesn't get it. (He likes to garden too.)

So I sprung into action and came up with this card.

Patrick and Carole have a summer home in the pines so I thought the theme was appropriate.
I think bows are ok for a man, don't you?

I hope you can see the Cuttlebug embossing folder I used on the kraft paper. It looks like tree bark.
The punch is by Martha Stewart.

Disclosure:  If anyone recognizes that I CASed their card, please forgive me. I had to come up with something quick, or those flowers and butterflies were going to be in the mailbox before I knew it! 

"A good friend--
like a tube of toothpaste--
comes through in a tight squeeze."

1 comment:

  1. Love this card...and I agree, not flowers or butterflies for the guys....but that Don would send a hand written Thank you?....what a great guy he is!


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