Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter is in Five Days!

Are you ready for Easter? It seemed as if I had plenty of time to plan and prepare...until now! I still have to finalize my menu, make a shopping list, grocery shop, clean the house, get out all the dishes, and whatever else I've forgotten. I'm expecting 12 adults and two little ones for dinner. I better put it into high gear.

I had hoped Martha was going to show up to add some new creative touches but it looks like she is not going to make it again this year. So I'm looking for quick and easy, but cute.. I found this idea for carrot cutlery and knew I could handle it on my own.

Now I would have liked to have found patterned napkins for at least
one of the colors,
 but of course, I could only find solid. 

Changes I made to the directions:
  • I did not have to tape the green fold closed.
  • When folding the orange napkin, I angled it so it was narrower at the bottom.
  • I wrapped the raffia around twice.

If Martha was here however, she may have done this:

If you are so inclined, you can find her directions here. 

Oh well......I still like my carrots.

Michael did come by and brought some new eggs for the egg tree--

Other carrot cuties I found--

or for a healthier version

Easter Preschool Snack

Don't stress out over entertaining...
Have fun!!


Remember the Real Meaning of Easter.

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