Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Candy and Flower Vases

Easter plans are shaping up nicely at my house--how about yours? I thought I'd show you how I combined candy and flowers for my easy decorating touches. I guess I was still thinking about the Bunny Brownies I made last week--and thought it would be fun to decorate with candy in clear glass. Now how to combine flowers into that mix?? Hmm.....

I set a bud vase down iinside the larger vase and anchored it
with a few glass rocks to keep it from moving around.
 There was just enough room between the
two cylinders to carefully slip M&M's down between the sides,
filling to the top of the bud vase. Then I took a funnel and put water
 in the bud vase and arranged the flowers in it.  Easy peasy!
The key is that the two vases must be the same shape.

Here is one made with jelly beans:

I searched through my cabinets this morning and came up with
another piece or two and put this together:

So that's my dabbling in flower arranging for this year--
now back to the kitchen for me!
But thanks to my husband, the grocery shopping is done
 and the house is just about clean.
He's in charge of the grilling, the guests are all bringing a dish or two,
and I'm in good shape!
Hope you are as well.


"Who seeks a faultless friend
remains friendless."
--Turkish proverb

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