Friday, April 8, 2011

Cleaning vs. Crafting

I have a confession. I have an aversion to throwing away even the smallest piece of paper. I try to keep the scraps under control, but it is difficult! I use file folders for the various solid colors and will go there first when needing less than half a sheet. Then I have a drawer for scraps of designer/scrapbook paper but that just seems to accumulate.

In one of my past projects I used beautiful paper to cover chipboard for the front and back covers of small post-it note pads for your purse. I have saved those scraps in a special box, and in my cleaning attempt this week, I ran across them. I felt the urge to take a break and work them up into one of my favorite techniques.

Since I had run the paper through the Zyron machine (love this tool!!) to adhere it to the chipboard, the scraps already had a sticky back and did not require glue. This is one reason why this technique is so fun!    

I cut the pieces into strips, peeled off the protective backing, and began placing them on a piece of cardstock. I added some other colors to compliment the decorative paper. Thin cord was added in a few places between the strips.

I ran the gold paper through the textile embossing folder before cutting it into strips to add interest, and stamped script on the copper piece. (hard to see)

Tip: I was using this piece for the bottom layer and I also wanted to use this paper to layer the oval sentiment. Since I did not have enough of it, I cut what I needed out of the center, since this part was not going to show anyhow. Plus, why waste such pretty paper!
I often do this--it also cuts down on the bulk of the card!

I used Penny Black stamps on Cards 1 and 3. The script lends itself well to Asian-looking cards in my opinion.
Thoughts of You is a Michaels $ Stamp. Love them too and you can't beat the price.  

Friday's  Free Downloadables:

"Savor the moments that are
warm and special and giggly."
--Sammy Davis Jr.


  1. Love it love it! do I recognize some the the scraps? LOL.thanks for the Friday Freebies too.

  2. I love what you've done with your scraps. Unlike you, I toss my scraps (anything smaller than 5 x 5). I have an awful time trying to keep my stamp/scrap area picked up so in an effort to be tidy, I toss alot. Maybe I should reconsider...


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