Monday, March 14, 2011

Our First Poppy Showed It's Face!

Our first poppy bloomed yesterday! I'm not trying to make you depressed if you're still in a deep freeze. I'm really trying to brighten your day.

I'll show you the whole array in a few weeks when it is at it's peak. It is my husband's garden, not mine. I just enjoy it and water it when he is away. But I love poppies!

Here's what else is growing in our yard:


AZ daisies

My botanist daughter says this is some type of snapdragon.
 It came up volunteer after
I planted it two years ago as an annual.

This is a terra cotta pot that I covered with broken
 pieces of tile.
I made ten pots for our daughter's wedding in May 2009.
 Each was covered in a
different material--tile, rocks, broken colored glass from bottles, 
colored glass pebbles--
I can't remember them all now.
This was the only one I came
 home with. The others went home
with Kristin's friends

The tile was applied with adhesive that tile layers use. 
When filmly set, black grout was applied. The process was messy but funny! 
Rubber gloves are a must.

AZ  liquid sunshine

My husband has been shipping these boxes all over the country
to friends and relatives since December.
It is just about to come to an end. Soon the new blossoms
will appear and the fragrance will be heavenly.

Here is an excellent article that was brought to my attention by my sister:

50 Natural Antidepressants to Beat the Winter Blues

We are going to a spring training baseball game today.
 First time since we've lived here for 27 years.
 Obviously someone's visiting, right?

Have a great day!




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  1. I love your poppies, and I have never been able to grown them . Looking forward to pictures of all of them in bloom. Spring is here! hugs


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