Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mah Jongg Chatter

Mah jongg players all over the country are excited this week because they have received the new 2011 card published by the National Mah Jongg League.

For those of you who have never heard of mah jongg, you are missing out on a wonderful game played with 152 tiles in which you use 14 of them to try to make one of the "hands". It is against copyright rules to show you the inside of the card, but there are a possible 59 hands that you can chose from.
 Some are easier to make than others. There are only certain places you can use jokers.  

A new card is published every year and so now we can stop complaining about the 2010 card because the new one is in our hot little hands! 

As I look it over for the first time, I see:

Some old stand-by hands are back:
FFFF 1111 2222 DD 
FFFF 111 33 5555 or FFFF 5555 77 9999    

and one Like Numbers hand returns using the Dragons, this time with the proper spacing!

Speaking of Dragons, they are back in full force--if you expose four of them,
there are nine possible hands you could be going for. Watch out! 

As for concealed hands, there are two in the 2468 section this time,
none in the CONSECUTIVE RUN,
and back to only one in the 13579 section. Happy to see that! It makes that section more playable.

Seven Hands are here and I think we are all happy about that.
We missed those kinds of hands last year when you didn't know what to do with a combination of low and high numbers. With the return of this category, flowers will be even more in demand!

Still no NEWS hand.
So sad.  : (

So that's the wrap-up for today.
Back to papercrafting tomorrow, my friends.
Or, maybe a recipe. It's a toss-up!

"Friends are the little prize
in the cereal box of life."


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