Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter Easel Box

Last night I made a new recipe for dinner--Healthy Pasta Primavera. I was hoping that it was going to be a keeper so that I could share it with you today. I had my camera ready and everything! My kitchen was a mess because there were quite a few steps, so I was going to warn you of a few drawbacks that I experienced along the way. Well, forget that, because it's was nothing special, and I only want to pass on really great recipes! I should have made only a half recipe, because there is a lot left, and I rarely throw out food. My husband said it was good, but I think he was just being kind.

Has it ever happened to you that when making a new recipe, it just doesn't go exactly as the directions say it should? And if there are comments about it, which I always read, many say they made it just as the recipe said and it turned out perfect. You see, I also made an Angel Pie with a meringue crust and had problems with that recipe too. The verdict is still out on that one because it needed to chill more. We'll see how it tastes today.

Easter is just four weeks away and I will be having lots of goodies to share with you. This is "my" holiday, meaning that there will be friends and relatives here for dinner that day. I have decided to put the buffet out on the dining room table rather than along the long kitchen counter top. I may even try to get more creative and incorporate a few Martha Stewart-like ideas! I won't get crazy, but perhaps a few extra touches would be nice. I'll keep you posted if anything turns out well!

Here's a little treat box that I found on the Cat's Pajamas website. There is a template that you just enlarge to 12" x 6." It goes together very easily. I altered the lid slightly and decided to attach ribbon to keep it closed. There is double-sided tape under the ribbon on the sides and bottom to keep it in place.

I used a piece of transparency paper from Office Max instead of acetate for the oval window.

The Cat''s Pajamas has a project of the month going back several years.
Check it out! 

Have a great Monday!

"Only your real friends will tell
you when your face is dirty."
--Sicilian proverb


  1. This is such a cute project-good directions and even a downloadable template.
    Love when you send recipes that you have already tried knowing you are such a good cook. They don't have to be fancy, just yummy!

  2. this is so adorable, thanks for sharing the link to the cute box!

    enjoy *~*

  3. Oh Donna, I love this box!!!! I love the window where you can see the yummy candy!! Thanks for sharing the link and I will def. go and make one!!

    Hugs from the Netherlands!!


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