Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Using Another Freebie

I don't know about you, but I love taking advantage of all of the freebies that so many women generously share on their blogs and websites. They don't expect anything--they just do it because they love their craft and get satisfaction from sharing their talents for others to enjoy. I am very impressed and appreciative. I used another valentine pattern, this time a hanging heart basket, found on Marilyn Scott-Waters' The Toymaker, a site filled with free paper toys, holiday cards, baskets, bags, origami and ephemera. Now I should say that Marilyn does advertise her books and make public engagements, but there is still a lot of FREE stuff on her site. And it is evident that she really loves her craft and is happy to share it with other crafters. She says her wish is to amuse and delight. How fun is that? Her patterns are precise and easy to put together.

I used a Spellbinders Fancy Labels and an Anna Griffin stamp,
from a sentiment set that had been terribly neglected--
pushed back in a corner and never before been touched by ink.
It was so happy to feel useful.
Don't you feel that way sometimes?

Speaking of freebies, stop by DIY  for a chance to win a
free craft night for you and 10 of your closest friends!
 (Rita, I'm counting on you for this one! This is right up your alley!)
There's also a free valentine downloadable on the same page.
 Don't you just love it?

All that is worth
cherishing begins in the
heart, not the head.  

 Suzanne Chapin

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