Saturday, February 12, 2011

SATurday Show and Tell

The downtown area of Mesa, AZ has a very interesting permanent sculpture collection, most of which are bronze. I thought you might like to see some of these pieces and hear the stories behind them.


The artist, Dan Hill, from Salt Lake City, Utah, was inspired to create this piece after seeing a  ten-year-old girl named Erica who just couldn't put down a copy of Harry Potter.

Entitled They Are Waiting, this bronze was created by the Nigerian-borne artist Ninandi Okonkwo of Orem, Utah. He says, “ It seems like everyone was waitng for something to happen. People were waiting to graduate, waiting to get a job, or waiting to get married. In the sculpture, I use these three women to interpret this in a more universal way, showing that in life, people wait. We’ve all gone through periods of intense waiting.”  

Okonkwo chose women because he likes the fluid lines and arrangement of these large, round shapes to depict order, balance, and beauty. Women are highly respected in Nigeria.

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  1. Amazing!! I really thought that first one was a (real) girl sitting on a bench!


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