Saturday, January 8, 2011

Welcome to My Blog!

This is my card rack and I love having one. It allows me to see what cards I have made, so that when I need one all I have to do is go to my card rack and pull one out. No more searching for that one I KNOW I had made--sometime back-- for when I was going to need it! And it sure is fun to just stand in front of it, twirl it around, and look and the pretty cards, just waiting to be sent to the right person. Now I have to admit, it isn't always this full.

I am filled with different emotions as I begin my blog today. I have lots to learn about creating an interesting blog, yet I think I have some good things to share. I have always loved to craft, so you will see projects other than cards. But at this time, I do have a particular fascination with paper and what can be made out of it, both cards and 3-D. I love to share good recipes and interesting tips of all kinds that I think other women of all ages might like to know about and benefit from as well. So I hope you will stick around.


  1. Yay Donna! So glad you took the plunge!!! You're blog looks great and it seems like you already have the basics down. I'm so jealous of your card rack! I hoard my cards. I could probably fill up three of those. I'm gonna subscribe to your blog through my google reader so I don't miss any of your posts. Great job so far, you're cards are amazing!!! Hugs to you!!

  2. WOW this is a grat blog and man I think I need a card rack now. Can you tell me where you got it. Have a great day and Great job on the blog


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